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Three confident women with different skin colors and ethnicities.

Kutis translates to skin or complexion, and we embrace all colors and all types.

How our patients feel beneath the skin means just as much to us as what is reflected on the skin!

Hi, how are you?

Meet your physician team.

Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Chase, and Dr. Fortunato, all board-certified physicians performing your procedures and injections.  Each has their own journey into Aesthetics, their own inspiration, but the common theme is... you.


Devin S.

Dr. Fortunato is absolutely amazing. I was wanting to get treatments done for a long time but was always nervous about going. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning from her knowledge and professionalism as well as the rest of the staff.  She executed the best results.  If you’re looking to get any skin treatments done, I highly recommend Kutis Medical for anything you’ve been wanting to try.
I’ve been getting Botox from Cynthia Chase for the last year and I’m so happy with my results.  She was able to really focus on the areas of concern I have with my skin. I also went to Cynthia for lip and cheek filler and she was able to achieve a really natural look like I was hoping for. I highly recommend Kutis and Dr. Chase.

Eliza H.

Dr Ramirez was detailed about how the product and procedures works. Explained thoroughly the choices I have . Gave me some Tips on properly caring for my facial skin . Highly recommended and definitely will come back for future appointments.

Edgardo B.

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What We Offer

It's not just the service, it's the service-- the service of education, consultation, and collaboration.  Learn more about any of the services listed below (and know that there's more!).  Schedule a physician consultation from the comfort of your couch and the convenience of your phone!  

Brands featured in our clinic:

Physician tested and approved.





Open 5 days/week

By appointment only.

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