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Cluster Lashes

I previously posted on my Dr. Glow Up instragram a highlight reel of application of cluster lashes.

I very regularly get questions on this, so I am happy to share!

The only recent change I've made is due to an allergy to the band glue. Now, I am only using the lash/mascara glue, and not experiencing any reactions.

If I have a couple days off, I'll remain lash-free and focus on clearing out my eyes (by massaging from outside corners to inside corners), especially after a warm steamy shower. Helping to remove debris and biofilm towards the lacrimal duct helps eye health.

There is also an increasing trend of eyelid health posts from different ophthalmologists-- the makeup of bacteria (and even mites called Demodex mites) can shift or get out of balance and can cause eyeball or eyelid irritation. There are a couple of products on the market like sprays and wipes that can help keep the balance, and most of these are based on hypochlorous acid.

As always, there is a risk/benefit ratio (yes, even with lashes!)-- the risks are possible Demodex infection, and the benefit with cluster lashes is that you can save a couple lashes-- not as much traction or weight as lash extensions and not regular hair removal as with daily bands.

A screen shot of Dr. Fortunato (Dr. Glow Up) from her Instagram How-To highlight on cluster lash application to mimic lash extensions.

Link to the highlighted story line:

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