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Meet the Dream Team

All physicians.  All board certified.  All here for you.

Read more testimonials from patients and about each physician's story.  Learn about their journey into Medicine and Aesthetics, and forming Kutis Medical Aesthetics.  You can schedule your consultation from each of their profiles.

Christina S.

Dr. Chase did not only help improve my aging skin through treatments and skincare, but also made my experience enjoyable and comfortable. She provided me detailed information about their effective services... The results are almost instantly visible, I am hooked.  

Paula M.

Dr. Fortunato has made me feel very comfortable during my very first Botox appointment. She listened to the concerns I have with my skin and face. Even though she was applying needle sticks on my face, she has such a gentle touch. She applied botox in the jaw area to relax the muscles as I have TMJ. 

J. Michael

Dr. Ramirez is wonderful and Ive returned multiple times.  The procedure is relatively painless as the needle is so thin and Dr. Ramirez was so gentle.  Dr. Ramirez has extensive knowledge of the industry and has an artists eye; he advised using less Xeomin than I anticipated and Im thrilled with the results.
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